ANDREWMACKENZIE was born in Wales, England. Graduated from London Design Academy, studying professional art design. His works have attracted the attention of international fashion groups, and he successfully worked in New York, the United States and Paris, France after graduation. In the 1980s, he settled in Italy.

In 1997, ANDREW MACKENZIE set up a record company which takes his name, in the original music style that integrating symphonies, musicals and different types of music, interpreting its own stories. At that time, it was favored by the film Moulin Rouge.

Andrew Mackenzie launched his own clothing series for the first time at 1999AW Milan Fashion Week. On the show, he combined music with luxurious stage effect caused quite a stir. "Brilliant, innovative and amazing" are all adjectives used by international fashion media to describe his brand. His spectacular fashion show immediately became one of the men's fashion shows not to be missed in Milan Fashion Week.